Why am I viewing this website?

You arrived here because your web browser (the software you use to browse the internet) is Microsoft Internet Explorer 6, and also because the website you were visiting is most likely to have been designed to be viewed with a more modern, powerful and secure browser. Since your current browser is outdated, the website designer is eager to propose several free and legal alternatives to Internet Explorer 6.

Why should I change my web browser?

Internet Explorer 6 was first launched in 2001. Today, this browser is nearly 8 years old, which is an incredibly old age in the world of computing. Since 2001, the internet has evolved dramatically; your current browser is no longer capable of providing you with an optimal, successfull internet experience, mainly because:

What can I do?

Today, several free and legal alternatives to Internet Explorer 6 are available to you. At the top and at the bottom of this screen, you will find a list of the most recent and valuable modern web browsers. They all support the latest web technologies, deliver a rich and complete user experience, and provide a strong set of functions that will guarantee your computer's security. To know more about a particular browser, to learn how to download and install it, please click on the corresponding icon.